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Autumn 2015 Challenges - 30/8/2015 to 28/11/2015

Here are a new set of challenges for the Autumn to hopefully inspire and motivate you to try to make something different or to remind you of what can be made to help where it is needed! 


We have 4 challenges this season:

So there you are – we hope there is something to inspire whether you crochet, sew or knit! If you are sending direct to the charity please remember to mention Loving Hands and if anyone wants a template for the Loving Hands compliments slip please contact me and I will email it to you. Huge thanks to everyone who suggested ideas and appeals so we could put the challenges together!

They have found a way to ensure that aid can be safely delivered to these stranded people which will hopefully help prevent a recurrence of the 6,000 deaths that happened last winter. They are estimating that each item can be transported for 5p so if you wanted to add anything to cover your item’s onward contribution that would be great but it is entirely optional!


Items can be sent to: Knit for Peace (Refugee appeal), Radius Works, Back Lane, London, NW3 1HL or to Loving Hands if you have a mixed box.


Here is a link to some pattern suggestions, http://www.knitforpeace.org.uk/projects-and-patterns/ but if you have a favourite pattern that is perfect too!


This appeal is ongoing and aid will be sent out as soon as a container is full, let’s see if we can do our bit to help fill the next one!

5” squares or little blankets for Algerian Action - Knit and Crochet

Algerian Action is a charity based in the UK and Algiers, which has a network of supporters from around the world. Their main priority is to assist children and families in Algeria that are experiencing the effects of living in poverty and they also help those who are suffering because of ill health.


They are appealing for knit or crochet 5” squares in any colour, they are hoping to get large numbers of 5” squares to make into long cardigans and dressing gowns! Each garment will take approximately 115 squares so the more the merrier.


Alternatively they would like little blankets for babies measuring approximately 20” square, these can be knitted all in one or made up of smaller squares joined together – again any colours that you like.


The appeal address is Algerian Action, 85 Clementina Road, London E10 7LT – again if you have a mixed box this can be sent to Loving Hands.

Marble Mazes for Dementia Sufferers – Sew

Some Loving Hands members have previously made marble mazes, these are fairly quick and simple to make if you can sew, and they are greatly appreciated by homes and centres specialising in the care of people suffering from dementia.


The backing fabric needs to be a strong fabric such as an upholstery or curtain fabric, maybe with a piece of felt or thin wadding to give weight, the facing fabric can be lighter weight, maybe doubled up sheeting or similar. The template can be printed or saved and enlarged, this template is just a suggestion – you can let your imagination go and make a snail or whatever takes your fancy!


This link gives a good guide to making a marble maze


Innocent Smoothie hats but with a twist! Knit or Crochet


The twist? Well Lou asked if we could keep the critter challenge so how about you see what critter you can make your IS hat into? Penguin? Bear? Bumble Bee? Lion? Let your imagination run away with you and PLEASE take a photo to share with us if possible. Here is the link to the website with lots of inspiration and patterns http://www.thebigknit.co.uk/

The hats can often be taken to your local Age UK shop, check with them first though before making a special journey as they don’t all accept them. Follow this link and put your town or postcode in to find your nearest shop http://www.ageuk.org.uk/about-us/our-shops/ If your local shop doesn’t take them they can be posted to –

The big knit 2015, innocent drinks, 342 Ladbroke Grove, London. W10 5BU by 31st October 


The Big Knit, Age UK, Tavis House, 1-6 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9NA by 11th December 2015


Remember to add a note with your name and address and how many hats you have included. If you send them in an A4 size jiffy bag no thicker than 2.5cm thick they will go as a large letter which is cheaper than a small packet.

knit for Peace

‘Help the Refugees’ Blankets & warm clothing -

Knit and Crochet

Knit for Peace have appealed for blankets and warm clothing for babies, children and adults who have fled to Kurdistan from ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

aagreenflowerlogo maze

If you can find a local outlet for your maze this would be fantastic! If you want to send to us with a mixed box well that would be brilliant too.

Big Knit