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Autumn Challenges 3rd Sep - 3rd Dec 2017

1.The first challenge is for knitters and crocheters. I had a message from the lady who we sent things to last year for the orphanage in Romania. This time it is for an orphanage in India


“I have a request from an orphanage in a village called Patholi which is just outside Agra North India which is the poorest region in India.  They have 30 children ranging in ages from 2 to 16 years old and they have no shoes.  I wondered if you could ask your ladies if they could knit or crochet slippers for their feet.  I am going to crochet some but as there are many I thought I would ask you if your ladies could help.  If you need patterns I found some on YouTube and there will be other patterns on Ravelry which I could find if you were to want to do this.  Let me know if you are able to.  I would ask them to send photos of the children with them if you wish to make them slippers.”


Link to Slippers on Ravelry
















2.Tigerlilly Trust based in Cumbria. This is for all our skills, knitting, crochet and sewing.

A little bit about them:

“We are a small local charity run by a group of women who have experienced baby loss. We are passionate about helping women, their partners, family and friends to find healing after their loss.

We believe it is crucial to know you are not alone, that there is support, that there is a place for us to share our feelings with people who understand. We hope you will find some comfort here, and perhaps one day we will meet to share, honour and celebrate our little ones who left too soon.

After our precious daughter Lily was stillborn on October21st 2011 I knew one day I would do something to try and help other parents experiencing baby loss in our community. I had time to prepare for this most tragic of outcomes to pregnancy, many do not. Even with the knowledge that Lily would probably not survive birth I still found it so hard to gather things together that we wanted to have at her birth. I had a short time to make and collect as many memories as possible to remember my daughter, and to last me a lifetime. With this struggle in mind, we decided to provide our local hospitals; Royal Lancaster Infirmary, Furness General and Westmorland General with Remembrance Boxes to give to parents who lose their baby, containing items that enable them to build a collection of memories. Items that will become cherished treasures and ultimately help promote healing. Recognising that women who lose their babies in miscarriage are faced with leaving hospital with nothing to honour the little life they have just lost, we have made Miscarriage Care Packages. We are privileged to have on our team a wonderfully talented photographer who has experienced baby loss. She is offering the gift of Professional Remembrance Photography to any of our local parents who lose their baby. We are committed to raising awareness of baby loss in our community and to helping break the silence surrounding miscarriage, stillbirth and neo-natal death.

"How might your life have been different, if, as you tried to express your anguish, a woman had listened to you.... quietly and intently, as you expressed your pain, anger and fears.... a woman who was so present with your suffering and wounded-ness that she helped you to embrace your own anguish.... and give it a place to rest.... How might your life have been different?" Circle of Stones - By Judith Duerk


Knitting patterns - http://www.tigerlilytrust.co.uk/how-you-help/knitting-patterns/

Crochet patterns - http://www.tigerlilytrust.co.uk/how-you-help/crochet-patterns/

Fabric angel wrap pattern - http://www.tigerlilytrust.co.uk/how-you-help/fabric-angel-wraps/

angel gown angel wrap

3. OK this is not a new challenge but a reminder for everyone BLANKETS! From prem blankets 18” square with no holes to lap blankets to bed size blankets, all are desperately needed. Operation Orphan have been out in Sierra Leone after the awful mud slide which has left many homeless and orphaned. They managed to get 10 orphaned children taken into the Heaven Homes orphanage that OO support, where Julia and Morag were earlier this year (luckily a good distance from the disaster zone). They gave out warm blankets to the survivors so their stocks must be getting low of the single bed and bigger blankets….

We also have two new charities that we are sending lap size blankets to – one for children to the Rainbow Children’s Trust and for adults to the Lewis Foundation. Both charities support cancer sufferers and their families. A lap blanket is approx. a metre square and can be crochet or knit to whatever pattern you enjoy.


The photo is Brad from Operation Orphan handing out

blankets in Sierra Leone after the terrible mud slides.


He has since been out to Antigua distributing blankets

to evacuees from Barbuda and the blanket supply is

very depleted....









4. Finally – hats, scarves and gloves / mitts for the homeless. Needles, hooks, angels and premies have these on their wish list, so if you don’t have anywhere to donate locally they will appreciate them. With winter approaching this is a really necessary challenge!

Lots of patterns on www.ravelry.com



Or any pattern you would like to use!

gloves hats