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By Loving Hands, Aug 31 2018 09:47AM


I was having a quiet late-August day, feeling a bit tired after my family holiday, searching on Google, and found your website. I was looking for charity knitting, as I have collected odds and ends and small balls of wool from charity shops.

I loved what I saw, the breadth and range of items you accepted and also where they are sent. It seems there is not an illness or age group that does not receive knitted donations. My Knit and natter group will be interested when I tell them, few of these elderly unstoppable ladies use the internet.

I first knitted for charity when in primary school, we were asked to make strips to be sewed up for a blanket, asking grandmothers and aunts for left over wool. I did the asking, then I also consulted the next door neighbour and the kindly mothers of my Sunday School teachers. We did not have charity shops in our town when I was in primary school. The blanket was for refugees, this was 1960, (I am now retired) my mother did some of the sewing up and took the blanket to WRVS. I never knew which refugees; we have so much more information available for us these days.

People who like sewing are busy contributing this summer by making shorts for children in Africa; what a great picture you have of these bright colourful garments on a washing line. People who like to make hats and mittens and cot blankets, can do so for the families of sick children at the Ronald McDonald House. (Are there many of these hostels near hospitals in the UK, as well as the one in Cardiff on the website I wonder, where families can stay while visiting their sick children? is there one in my county?)

I have to say that I always have a few knitting projects ongoing at the same time, something for the small grandkids, at which I have to concentrate; something special, like the Xmas angels for that special day when I am calm and can sit for an hour or two; and something easy that I can pick up and put down, to do in the car while waiting to pick up my friend, or while chatting at a social event. You cater for all!

I am waiting for my granddaughter to reach 9 years old, so that I can knit with her, and to make something like the poppies or the angels. I would have loved that when I was young.

I will soon be sending you some items, thank you for providing the possibility to knit interesting things, and for whatever takes our fancy, ill children, bereaved families, remembrance or children abroad.

By Loving Hands, Mar 21 2018 10:27AM

Hats, scarves and gloves for older children and teens for Operation Orphan

Knit or crochet lap blankets for Manchester Royal Infirmary

Knit or crochet little hearts for Bournemouth memory bags

Sewn bags for OCC Barton on Humber, Coventry Hospital and NC TLC

By Loving Hands, Oct 5 2017 01:41PM

We had another fabulous trip to Yarndale at Skipton the last weekend of September, about a dozen of Loving Hands membersmet and had lunch there on the Saturday then spent the afternoon ooing and ahing and squishing wonderful yarn, This show is just such a brilliant showcase for all sorts of yarny things and well worth a visit. we are definitely planning to go again next year!

By Loving Hands, Jul 12 2017 06:46PM

This year Julia and John once again set off from Shetland bringing a van packed to the roof with all sorts of items for Operation Orphan, as well as warm coats etc for children they also brough desks, chairs, storage boxes and school supples for the village in Sierra Leone where Julia had visited with OO earlier this year.

They called in here on the Saturday afternoon, along with my 'right hand person' Helen and her hubby John from Shropshire. We spent a lovely afternoon chattering, as well as a meal out in the evening, Next morning there was time for a quick cuppa here before they all headed home.

My hubby and I had spent two days in the previous weeks collecting at various places in Lancashire, Cheshire and Northamptonshire for OO (Operation Orphan) so hopefully there will be plenty of warm clothing heading out to Moldova again for the coming winter.

Here we are Helen (left) me (centre) and Julia (right)

By Loving Hands, Mar 8 2017 04:23PM

We decided to ring the changes this time and instead of setting a few challenges we challenge the members to chose one charity from our list and make things that they need - most seem to have their favourite charity that they like to support :0)