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New Leader for Loving Hands

By Loving Hands, Aug 1 2015 07:51PM

At the end of July Lou made a decision to retire, due to business, family commitments and poor health, she chose to hand the reins over to Kate Gaunt. Kate joined Loving Hands at the beginning of 2010 and has been an active member ever since. She joined for the same reason so many other members have - a love of knitting and a need for finding a good outlet for her work. She has also learnt how to crochet with the help of fellow members.

She is a member of the busy Shires Loving Hands Group that meets in Stafford once a month, coordinating deliveries to Operation Orphan amongst other things.

When the Sun contacted Lou in May 2015 to ask if we would work alongside them for their knitting campaign after Princess Charlotte was born Lou asked Kate to step in and be the face of Loving Hands and liaise with the newspaper. She had also been answering Loving Hands emails, taking in boxes of donations for sorting and onwards distribution for some time.

She says "I am proud to have been entrusted with looking after Loving Hands and appreciate all that Lou has done over the years, setting it up, welcoming us all as we joined, bringing us all together and helping so many places all over the world. By the way I don't usually look as glamorous as this photo shows, it was the one taken for the Sun and I had been tidied up by a lovely make-up artist!"

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