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If you are reading this far you may be getting interested in joining us to add your busy needles and pins to the many who have already taken the plunge.


Every three months we set a challenge to inspire and motivate members and our Challenges are listed in the box to the right.  We also have a long on-going Wish List that lists items needed all of the time by various charities. You will find the Wish List in the tabs above.


You don't have to be a Member of Loving Hands to join in our Challenges, but if you would like to become a Member, there is no fee to register.  You will then have access to all message boards, Group information, Patterns and meet fellow Members.


Members knit, crochet and sew items, then either take them along to a local group or outlet, or send them direct to the charities using the contacts listed on the charity's website.   When you are ready to send a pakcage don't forget to add a note listing what you have put inside and either your email address or a stamped self addressed envelope or postcard so you will know your items have arrived.  This helps make it easier for whoever receives the package to notify you of it's safe arrival.


If you prefer to send to Loving Hands for us to distribute please email for the address to send packages to info@lovinghands.org.uk


Tips for sending boxes - 

Anything up to 2 kg and no bigger than 45x35x16 cm is cheapest second class small packet with the Post Office.

If your box is larger than this you can find the cheapest price using www.parcel2go.com

Spring 2017